Why I decided to quit using social media

I have decided to quit using social media.

This decision has been growing inside me for quite some time. And now it is time to take the step. So I have decided to delete my company facebook page (I haven’t had a personal facebook page in many years),  instagram and also put my twitter on hiatus until further notice

It all started with me noticing that I had a need to check my accounts multiple times a day. Sometimes many times every hour. A small dopamine rush every time I got a like, a comment or a new follower. Then a feeling of nothingness. So I checked again. And repeat.

Social media is a time thief. And my time is far too precious to be wasted on things that do not truly matter.

I don’t want to be part of the growing attention seeking culture where one counts his or hers worth in how large following one have. I do not crave that kind of attention. This might seem strange too many people since I am a professional magician. My job is to be on stage or at the center of attention. True enough. But that person is a character. Yes. Samual Varg is a character. He is not really me. He is a part of me. An enhanced version of myself. But I, as a private person, do not really like being the center of attention that much. I love to sit in a group of people and discuss anything from magic, to movies and books, to training and spirituality and faith. But my love of being a magician is not for me being noticed. I want to share my passion of magic and give other people a sense of awe and wonder. That is why I do magic. Not for myself (well, not only for myself) – but for others. Social media made me boasting my own ego. Not my art.

Then we also have all those unnecessary discussions that always comes in the wake of a post. Most discussions and talks just do not bare good fruit. It’s more like a frenetic pie throwing of opinions and quotes.

And last but not least: the temptation of looking at other people and get the feeling of not being as successful, smart, sexy or happy. But that is an illusion – a Fata Morgana. It is not real. Just a chasing after the wind. It is the illusion of an oasis, far away in the distance in a vast desert. And I do not want to be tempted by that, going further out in the wasteland of self despair.

So I have decided to quit using social media. Take it out of my life as one removes weed from a garden.

But you will find me here on my blog. Writing. Thinking. Searching. And creating pretentious stop-motion videos.


Long days and pleasant nights / Samuel